What Are Your Child’s Summer Vacation Plans? Not Many Vacations Left

What are your child’s summer vacation plans for 2021? Or, have you not made them as yet? Until a couple of years ago, you must have planned a dozen things for your child’s holidays.

With school classes going online in 2020, this vacation there is certainly a need to catch up with many offline things – don’t you agree? Summer vacation is not reserved for just homework or school projects. 

Not many vacations left

This year, schools and children have been able to make up for studies to some extent. But what about the soft skills, personality development, and confidence-building for them? 

Has there been time and the right resources to do that?

Besides, your child is only three or four summers away, before they start treading towards their desired career. Hence it’s imperative to make the best use of the time left.

So let’s not waste a single minute. Make this year’s summer vacation plans the most productive, fun, and memorable one for your child! 

We have the perfect summer activities and programmes for your young teen that we are sure they would love to try and explore.

1) Get set on sports

Get your child enrolled in that sport she/ he has always wanted to learn!

School days are the most hectic ones – for students and their parents, alike. Your child and you may have missed out on many after school sports because of the pressure to complete the syllabus.

But, don’t forget that sports is one of the top extra-curricular activities one can show in their college application. So get it a place among the summer vacation activities this year!

summer sports

2) Get speaking

Public speaking skills can never be too much. No matter how well your child communicates at school or within the home, there will be a larger world and a bigger audience waiting for them in a few years from now. 

Public speaking will make them a better listener; and also a good ‘influencer’ as they grow up. Now, who wouldn’t want that!

This skill counts a lot – so ensure it is one of the summer vacation activities for your child. Know more about how your child can become better at public speaking.

3) Get involved

Even a small initiative to help society; or coming up with an idea to solve everyday problems is something a child should be ready for. 

It is the small steps and local solutions that count even in the most important of careers. 

So let your child’s summer vacation plans have at least one social volunteering activity or community contribution work, on the plate. 

4) Get engrossed in talent

What stays with us forever are the things we love to do. Be it painting, dancing, beat-boxing or even doing somersaults – it is pure joy for your child. Let them never lose their inner child and true self, ever. 

These talents would go along with them, to their college and work-life too. So let them indulge in them and enjoy these summer vacation activities to the hilt!

summer vacation talent


5) Get researching

Of course, there is still time for your child to choose subjects and a career. But are they clear on what they are really interested in? After all, this is something that will go with them for a long period of time.

This summer vacation plan must include some time to think about and start working on it. 

Your child can start with listing what they want to do a few years from now. Let them also list the subjects they like. It is then you would know whether the two of them are aligned or not. 

6) Get enrolled for an internship

What could be better than learning now, and also earning the rewards of a real-life experience! The hands-on learning in the few weeks of an internship programme will have a higher learning impact, than years of a classroom one. 

A virtual internship programme is a very good option for your child. You can choose from a host of them that we have identified for you here.

These interactive programmes make children familiar with professional tasks and get them to experience a simulated work environment.virtual internship


7) Get working on communication skills

No matter what mark one gets, you cannot get that dream admission or job without an interview; and also in many cases, writing about yourself. Written and spoken communication often get sidelined during busy school days.

Encourage your child to join a good summer programme, to strengthen their written and spoken communication.

8) Get working on new skills and activities

Summer is also the time to get out of one’s comfort zone and try new activities and learn new things. It could be mountain hiking or learning how to develop an app – some things may challenge the willingness and boundaries within children, and even us. 

 Join your children in this fun vacation time – and witness them blossom into a well-rounded personality.

Don’t forget to have lots of fun!

What’s a summer without the mangoes, watching the latest shows, catching up with friends, reading your favourite book, cook, and maybe a safe and sanitised travel as well? 

With these interesting summer activities, your child will be ready for an effortless future, full of sunshine.

If you are looking out for suitable summer programmes, then we have identified and listed some for you.  

Get updated on summer program opportunities for your child.


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