Top 5 Qualities Of An Achiever – How Many Do You Have?

If you’re reading this, kudos, you’re already on your way to becoming an achiever. They say you get what you don’t have when you start doing things that you don’t do. Having said that, there’s always a competition, be it big or small. As you step into the real world, it is crucial for you to examine and if needed inculcate some qualities of an achiever.

Who is an achiever?

In simple words, an achiever is someone who can make things happen for him/her. It could be the smallest of things and path-breaking news as well.

After interacting with lakhs of students over the past decade and guiding them through their career path, we have come up with a list of 5 qualities of an achiever. These 5 habits of successful students are what differentiate them from the rest.

Keep reading to understand what the 5 qualities of an achiever are.

5 Qualities Of An Achiever:

1. Having Written Goals

Students With Written Goals Are 10 Times More Successful Than The Rest

Source: Harvard Study On Goal Setting

Are you surprised? Well, isn’t it obvious? Students who have written goals have clarity about what they want to do in life, which is the first step to being a successful student. 

Once they have written goals, they can plan and act on it early and make sure they achieve all their dreams. We would advise students to have a vision board with all their goals on it. 

Place it in your room and make sure that the vision board is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. This will help your subconscious memory and every task you perform during the day will be towards achieving these goals.

Why Written Goals Are Important

Goal Setting is definitely one of the first and foremost qualities of an achiever. Read our blog for a roadmap of where to start. 

2. Time ManagementBetter Time Management Skills

This clearly shows how many students struggle to manage their time, right? If you are able to manage your time effectively, you are on your way to becoming an achiever. 

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. What makes a difference is how you use your time. If you want to succeed professionally and personally, time management is an essential skill to possess.

You manage your time well, you must have laser focus, stay away from distractions, etc. Read our blog on time management for tips on time management. Time management is definitely a quality of an achiever.

3. Zeal To Learn & Experience

Having the zeal to learn and a growth mindset is crucial to becoming a successful student. Continuous learning beyond the classroom is what will help in today’s competitive world.

Not just that, exploring various careers and experiencing them through internships will help you understand what your dream career feels like and helps you in course correction if needed.

An internship in your dream career will not only help you experience it but will also be useful during college admission processes. In today’s time, your dream career can be experienced from home too. 

Read our blog to understand how we make it happen. Having the zeal to learn and experience is definitely one of the qualities of an achiever.

4. Discipline

Raise your hand if you took a new year resolution and stopped following it one month into the new year. Well, that’s just a small example. 

When you want to achieve your goals and be successful, having discipline is one of the topmost qualities. Studying for 16 hours a day and not studying for 6 days, participating in 5 extracurricular activities for a month and not doing anything for the rest of the year is not a recipe for success.

Discipline is one of the rarest and important qualities of an achiever. 

5. Balance Of Academics & A Strong Non-Academic Profile

Marks are important and we won’t deny that. But the number of students scoring above 90% in Class 12 is increasing by the day.

Trend of students scoring 90 percent

This does not mean colleges are increasing their acceptance rates. The acceptance rates of top colleges are below 15%. So, how will you differentiate yourself from the rest is what will determine your success.

A quality of an achiever is having the right balance between academics and a strong non-academic profile. 

More than 72% of top colleges around the world look beyond academics and access a student’s non-academic profile while granting college admissions. 

Read our blog
for a detailed understanding of why a non-academic profile matters now more than ever. Having a strong non-academic profile is no doubt the quality of an achiever. 

Above listed are the 5 qualities of an achiever. If you want to discuss this further in detail, feel free to talk to our expert counsellor.

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