Students Rebuild Changemaker Challenge Wants Your Students’ Art Celebrating Everyday Heroes

Helping students process the ongoing pandemic, racial justice, growing environmental challenges, and more have been a major part of teaching this year. Time and again, we see that expressing gratitude and sharing feelings through art can ground and center us in seasons of uncertainty.

Students Rebuild and the Bezos Family Foundation is inviting students across the world to create awards for the changemakers in their lives. Students can honor those making change around them while learning the value of community connectedness and participation.

Get started

“A changemaker is someone who takes creative action to solve a social problem.”* 

Anyone can be a changemaker: Maybe a changemaker is a parent or grandparent, aunt, or uncle. They could be a neighbor or classmate that has made a difference. Their changemaker may be a teacher, community organizer, doctor, librarian, or friend that rises up to help. A changemaker could be someone you admire but haven’t met. It might even be you!

—via Students Rebuild, *changemaker definition from

For each award submitted, Bezos Family Foundation will donate $5 to causes that support real world changemakers, up to $1 million total. DonorsChoose is a Students Rebuild partner, and a portion of those donations will support requests for community service projects.

Get involved

  1. Register to create a Changemaker Challenge team for your students
  2. Check out free Students Rebuild resources, including an art guide and lesson plans by grade level
  3. Ask students to identify a changemaker to celebrate
  4. Facilitate students to create an artistic award for their changemaker
  5. Send an image of student artwork with Students Rebuild to have Bezos Family Foundation donation $5 to support changemakers like you

Visit to learn more and get started!


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