Learning From The Comfort Of Homes This Summer

2020 was nothing like a year we have witnessed before. 

With the pandemic breakout, people all over the world were forced to stay indoors for months together.

Unsurprisingly, a result of this quarantined state of the world was the up rise of the online industry. Businesses, offices, schools, and every other sector that keeps the world moving, set both their feet on the online platform. Restructuring the entire business modules according to their new found workspace.

Gradually, we all got accustomed to this form of work and life. Where the fuel behind every process is the internet and the station of work is our home.

We are in the year 2021 now. And, the “internet and home” way of life is still to continue for the coming couple of months. A count which includes the most important months of a student’s academic prosperity. 

One of the aspects during these months, that reflect on a student’s academic progress later on, is what they did during the summers.

Educational Activities For Kids In Summer- Development Over The Years

Summer vacation is the time when a student gets the biggest break of the calendar year.  A minimum of 50 days in total. That’s a lot of days, which can either be invested or simply passed. 

With time, parents and schools have understood the importance of this break. To ensure hold on academic track post the break, educational activities for kids like summer homework, summer courses, summer camps, etc. were introduced as an integral part of the curriculum. 

Then with the competition getting stiffer, newer concepts of educational activities for kids were introduced. All in an attempt to use the long summer days to give the students a better head start in the upcoming academic session.

Educational Activities For Kids In Summer- 2021

All the participating educational activities for kids like camps, courses, etc. were a normal thing prior to the 2020 pandemic.  

While thinking about the educational activities for kids in the summer of 2021, our focus as parents is upon 2 things:

  1. Ensuring the safety of our children
  2. Choosing from the best educational activities for kids. Keeping in mind to not just utilize the summer of 2021 efficiently, but also to make up for the lost summer of 2020; to as much extent as possible. 

One part of the solution is Home and Internet.

Our focus is on the other part of the priority. That is to choose from the best educational activities for kids. 

So, following a thorough research here is the list of top 3 educational activities for your kids, to engage in the summer of 2021.

Top 3 Educational Activities For Kids In The Summer Of 2021

1.Real Life Skills Development Program

Being thorough with academics is one part of the success ladder. What completes the climb is the presence of the real life skills to implement the knowledge acquired.

The 5 essential life skills that go all the way to benefit your children life long are the following skills:

A. Communication Skills

The art of public speaking, one on one interactions, etc. Everything that makes a presence felt in a room full of people.

How To Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

B. Analytical Skills

The ability to analyze any given situation and be able to see the various perspectives of handling it.

C. Problem Solving Skills

The skill to cross the many obstacles of every situation. An efficiency bar on this skill can either make or break an individual’s outlook towards life. 

D. Critical Thinking Skills

The ability to think out of the box. Helps an individual stand out from the crowd.

E. Leadership Skills

The skill of making others around you see your vision, and motivate them to work towards it.

Inculcating and enhancing any of the various aspects of these activities will give a major boost to your child’s personality. Crucial to their development in the future to come. 

“The early bird catches the worm”.

So, why not start this summer itself?

Check Out The Real Life Skills Development Program


2. Planning Excellence Beyond Grades

I’m aware college is some time for now, but as parents it is scientifically hard for us to not have things pre-planned for our kids.

For an instance if you or your child wish to pursue higher education abroad, then this is the ripe time to start laying the groundwork.

What Can Your Child Do This Summer To Prepare For Abroad Studies

And by groundwork, my intention is to stress on the fact that just academic brilliance is not enough to secure admission in top universities of India or abroad.

“You are more than your grades”. The mantra of every top university today.

A solid non-academic profile is 50% of the deciding factor in securing admissions in a top university today.

Sports activities, Internships, participation in extracurricular activities, leadership skills, etc. an exposure to these fields, is key to create a solid non-academic profile.

Accomplish All These Aspects For A Profile That Excels Beyond Grades

3. Virtual Internship Programs

The name Virtual Internship Program might be sounding a bit heavy and early. But if we understand the importance of the program relative to the time we live in, I’m sure you’ll consider the inclusion.

The era we live in is more dynamic than we knew before. A world renowned genius, or entrepreneur popular in the world today, is a kid who started on his ambition early on.

Why cannot your child be the next Elon Musk, or Mark Zuckerberg? What an inclusion it would be to his career profile!

If interests are accurately identified, your child is going to enjoy the process along with acquiring priceless exposure from this educational activity for kids.

What Interests Your Child?

The Most Sought After Internships You Can Choose From

There we are. The top 3 educational activities for kids to participate in the summer of 2021. Which would be the best pick for your kid?

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