Here’s Busting 5 Myths Indians Have About Foreign Education!

When it comes to higher studies post schooling, abroad education is no doubt a crackerjack. Wagging tails behind this comes the myths Indians have about foreign education. Yet nobody can beat the vision of our Indian parents. The pride they have while saying their child studies in “America, Canada or London” at  typical Indian households. Relatable much isn’t it? 

 A study shows that 77% of the parents prefer sending their children abroad for university education. There are over 11 lakh students in India who apply to colleges abroad and only a lucky few realize their dreams. Do you think you have it in you to fill the bill? Here is some clarity to tackle misbeliefs. We are busting the frequently repeated myths in India about Studying abroad.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the topic.

Busting The Myths Indians Have About Foreign Education

People generally don’t realize the fact that learning will not just be limited to the formal education that the student has opted for in the College abroad. It would be an amalgam of many other principles that aid in molding the independent personality of the student. There will be significant experiences to deal with and hence grow. The image below summarizes 4 simple steps you can follow to reach your destination.

1. No money? No problem.

Hearing the word “foreign” only brings minor attacks to some people. It is broadly categorized as a luxury. It doesn’t come as a surprise if you have inevitably talked numbers and hung on this topic for a long time. The Country and College selection process being a little elaborate, requires a one to one communication with experts in the field to get a clear overview of the estimated cost and proceedings. Your choice of what where and how can drive you to your destination. Knowing your budget and being well informed about these significant decisions is never a wrong idea. So in this case, good planning could transform your future.

  • Scholarships will boost your chances multifold.
  • Getting a part-time job is another advantageous add-on to manage finances 

2. Your marks do not define you! 

Existential crisis for not scoring well, those Monday blues turning into an everyday struggle. I guess many of us have been there, done that. For crying out loud, do not chase marks. Be the one building up your knowledge and practically applying everything you learn and expand your horizons. Popping our famous DDLJ dialogue- Ja Simran Ja! Jee le apni zindagi.

 Just being academically sound does not make the cut these days. Children have upped their scores in the recent past. 314% students score above 95 in their exams. But here is the good news! Criteria for college admissions has broadened. Do not back out to explore only because you’re academically not topping in class. Your extracurriculars and co curriculars could push you to ace it. Focus on an all round growth.

3. Universities do not accept foreign students easily and even if they do they are treated differently

Chills are mandatory for taking a step such as this. Anxiety would last only until you get to know the real time working of colleges. It’s firstly very significant to apply to colleges with all criteria that meet your needs based on your profile. It is then about your punctuality and discipline that earn your stand. None of the globally acclaimed universities have loose policies when it comes to sensitive issues like racism. The students and their well being is most prioritized. They treat and respect the students equally. Its best to concentrate on factors that are practical and tangible.

4. Is language really a barrier to your dreams?

Absolutely not! English language is the universal must know in most of the countries. In case the country you’re interested in is a non-English speaking country, it would be beneficial to learn that as a second language. Picking up the language prior to shifting would give you a heads up to what’s in store for you. Numerous studies show a positive correlation between learning a second language and college admission test scores. This could leverage your education overall. Ultimately it is the student’s choice to take it up or not. It is certainly not mandatory in most colleges.

5. Is it safe for our children to live abroad? It could be highly unsafe for girls.

Bam! Most universal concern. To tackle this practically, 

  • a groundwork about the law and order of the country
  • awareness of helplines when staying alone 
  • a clear analysis of the neighborhood one chooses to live in will make all the difference 

The fact that it’s a girl shouldn’t hinder her dreams of studying abroad. Colleges have their own dorms and living facilities for their students which are very dependable. A background check about those and voila! You would be set to rock it.

Indian recruiters prefer students with foreign degrees. They believe the students have a benefit of international education which is an advantage for a variety of job roles in India. Except for a few professions related to medicine and law, it would be very beneficial for others. 

Tis’ the season to act smartly.. Tra la la la la lalalalala.

 Misconceptions and uncertainty are a given when there are innumerable choices and possibilities. Even more stressful when you pick the option of moving out of the country. The pressure to do the right thing and not regret is exorbitant. The dilemma of selecting Foreign education over Indian education is the first leap specially in the most crucial times.

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